March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

Nervously awaiting WPPI | Lincoln City Photographer

September 5-6 of 2012 I sat in the back row at WPPI -U- for a two day conference. There were so many photographers, ones who knew one another, ones like me that didn’t and of course the ones you could tell were seasoned. As I sat there fumbling with my pen and looking at my mom for comfort, I knew this was exactly where I needed to be. Everyone was saying “these conferences boost your spirits and make you want to achieve your dreams” but until I sat through one I would never have believed it.

This was it!!! THE exact moment I was bit by the WPPI bug. For the past 5 months I’ve been looking forward to WPPI 2013 Las Vegas. Well actually  the truth is… I’ve been fantasizing about my idol photographers; Jasmine Star, Sue Bryce, Scott Robert Lim, Holli True just to name a few. Sitting at a small table sharing my portfolio with Scott Robert Lim back in September was a completely amazing opportunity being a newby photographer. His advice of honing in on a certain area/style of photography and going for it was invaluable, I felt assured and ready for this adventure; but in all honestly I have yet to really go for that one specific area that I strive to succeed in. Why? I’m not sure,  but I will figure that out this year.

Our flight and hotel are booked! Oh my gosh, this is really happening. Now it’s 4 days until I’m on that plane heading to Las Vegas where I will be amongst the best photographers in the world. “Holy Cow!” Totally excited….

What is the Expo and classes going to be like? How big is it going to be? All of these unknown questions keep popping into my head! Then one day someone posted the question I was thinking of asking on Rachel Brenke’s The law Tog, “How do you prepare for WPPI? As I scrolled through reading the comments, Rachel directed her to a fellow photographer Katelyn James blog. There was some really good advice on there and I took note after note, wanting to make sure I got all of it down.

Next I went straight to my husband and started telling him all of these tips at 100mph. He looked like a deer in the headlights staring at me, but he smiled and said “sounds fun, I’m so glad your excited!” If you don’t already know, my favorite saying is “I know right” and this is exactly what I said as I turned and walked back to my office (jumping up and down).

I’m sure I will have more to say in the upcoming days!


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