February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017

once in a lifetime we may find our one true love… this is just the case for Katie & Tony. they are both successful, independent and amazing individuals but together they truly shine. from the moment Katie contacted me we hit it off. let’s just put it this way, her name is my phone is Cute Katie!

a beach about 1.5 hours south of me named Yachats holds a special place for them and was the perfect location for their shoot. the weather was amazing but oh my… the wind was something else. as you can see though, the wind didn’t bother them any because they rocked it.

we chatted about how they met, their jobs and family, but the whole time i wasn’t really focusing on the conversation. why? because their connection was unlike anything i’ve ever seen. i was in awe of how much they complimented one another. the way Tony watched her when she was laughing and helped hold the hair out of her face was with such love and tenderness.

moments like these are why i love my job. being able to capture the moments that take our breath away… amazing!


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