February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016

Teas, books & thermometers

I’ve been a little MIA the last few days feeling a little under the weather. Ok, so I’m downplaying my whininess for y’all… LIKE really really…

The first thing I love when I’m not feeling my best is tea. Herbal, black, peppermint, orange/passion fruit, you name it there all yummy. Add a little lemon and honey and it’s sweet perfection.


Then there are books… awe now were talking. I could be lay in a pile of books for days. Recently I was on Periscope watching Cyrissa over at Immerse Workshops, her periscope is @immersephotography by the way, you’ll want to check her out! Oh yeah… books.. ok. Cyrissa had said there was a book we should check out so I headed over to Amazon and snagged it up quick like. It’s called, Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell. Hook line and sinker Cyrissa thanks for the tip girl, awesome read!


Of course there is the dreaded thermometer. It’s like a surprise waiting to happen. What’s it going to be this time Bob? 101.1 or 102.5…. I would much rather it say 98.6 but ya nope! So tylenol and motrin it is… Chase it down with some ginger ale and it’s all good. Back to the couch, with my hot tea and my new read.



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